Sometimes is necessary to change the direction in which the load is heading, due to lack of space or by positioning of the stations. Not always the direction can be changed by straight conveyors. Curved conveyors offer the flexibility to adjust to space and direction.

Just as straight conveyor selection, curved conveyor selection is made considering  the load being handled. It is also possible to use different types of rollers.

Curved conveyors are utilized to change the load's direction, and just as the straight conveyors, the roller used can be changed depending on the load's characteristics.

The rollers may be complete for common uses. They may be sectioned for curved conveyors or intersections between conveyors. For light load service, wheels can be used forming straight paths, curves or intersections. This gives the advantage of a light weight conveyor.

There's is the possibility to manufacture rollers in different shapes or wheels, depending on the curve's specification.

The combination of straight conveyors, and curves or intersections, form a complete transport system with the objective to utilize space to the maximum and make the handling of boxes or packages more efficient.

The curves next to a straight conveyor allow flexibility in the load's path.